Lose the weight

  • Have you tried to lose weight and failed and quickly put the pounds back on?
  • Do you hate diets and find them hard to stick to?
  • Do you constantly crave foods such as sweets and chocolate? 
  • Do you snack inbetween meals?
  • Do you eat too much at meal times?
  • Do you over eat when you are bored, stressed or unhappy?
More often than not diets fail after only after a short period of time and we often make up for what we have lost by binge eating. Perhaps something stressful happens or you feel a bit down that day so the diet will go out of the window and you will make yourself feel much better by eating a huge piece of cake / chocolate / crisps / wine or whatever is your thing.
I have helped many clients to lose weight and change their relationship with food. Many of our problems with food begin from an early age when we are told as a reward if we eat all of our dinner up we can have pudding, if you are a good girl / boy you can have some chocolate, don’t waste food just think of all those starving children in Africa, stop crying and you can have some sweets. So you are programmed to see food to make you feel better and as a reward to or indeed feel guilty if you don’t finish all of the food in front of you rather than seeing food to nourish your body to enable it to work efficiently and to stop eating when you full. By losing that emotional attachment with food, you can start to eat to live rather than live to eat. During sessions we will also work on self image and confidence building.
During your appointment we will discuss your eating and drinking habits and prepare your weight loss plan.

I also offer a virtual gastric band package. By having your virtual gastric band fitted this may make you feel full and satisfied on a smaller amount of food.

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