Stop Smoking

Imagine not wondering where you can have your next cigarette!

Imagine saying 'I am a non smoker' and meaning it.

When you started to smoke you probably didn’t intend to become a smoker, it became a habit. When you do something continuously your sub conscious mind assumes you need to do this and as part of your survival and therefore after a few hours or days of abstaining, doubting thoughts will start to creep in of perhaps ‘ just one won’t hurt’ or ‘this is not the right time to stop at the moment’ Nicotine leaves the body within 48 hours so the emotional attachment to cigarettes are very strong. You may smoke more when you feel stressed, using smoking as a support.

By reprogramming your sub conscious mind that you can confidently survive perfectly well without cigarettes and removing the habit that has formed. You may feel almost frightened to stop smoking as it has been a big part of your life for so long. During your appointment we will discuss your therapy plan together.

Your appointment will last around 2 hours and will cost £150.

Stop Smoking Norwich
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