Pregnancy & Childbirth

This programme is designed to support you through pregnancy, child birth and post nataly. By reducing the fear and anxiety through pregnancy and child birth you may have a calmer and more natural experience.
The main benefits can be:
• Feel less fear and tension.
• Reduces morning sickness, insomnia, restless legs and headaches.
• Control over eating to avoid unnecessary excess weight gain.
• Feel less pain during labour.
• Encourages bonding with your unborn child.
• Decreases the use of chemical anaesthesia so there are few side effects from medication.
• Feel in control of your discomfort during contractions.
• Recover quickly from delivery.
• Feel less emotionally and physically tired during and after the birth.
• Decreases the risk of ‘post natal blues’
Hypnotherapy is an effective, safe, relaxing therapy and you are in control at all times.

Session one – This session is designed to reduce any stress and anxiety you may have and promote a feeling of well being in preparation for the birth of your baby. The deep relaxation session will have a positive effect in calming your mind and body and allow you to feel and think positively about the birthing experience. The deep relaxation will be beneficial in maintaining your blood pressure at a normal level and encourage a peaceful and refreshing nights sleep. This session encourages bonding with your unborn baby. Any problems such as morning sickness and headaches will be included in this session.You will receive a recording of this session to listen to at home.

Session two – I will teach you simple self-hypnosis to relax and control discomfort during labour prior to your hypnotherapy session then under hypnosis we will go through yourself hypnosis technique for pain control during labour.

You will receive a recording of this session so you can practice putting yourself into self-hypnosis and managing your discomfort and breathing away the pain of contractions during labour.

Session three – this session will be booked around 3- 4 weeks following the birth of your baby. This session will help bonding with your new baby and restore you to health and vitality and help prevent post natal depression.
You will also receive a recording of this session.
You may require an additional session during the programme if you wish to address unhealthy eating, smoking or reducing the amount of alcohol you drink.
You will also receive a CD of your birthing music you may wish to use during labour to help you to relax.

The cost of your package is £150.

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