Fears & phobias

You maybe wondering what the difference is between a fear and a phobia. Fear is a state when you feel threatened about a situation that might occur in the future. When you are placed in that situation the fear is activated and subsequent emotional reaction is labelled anxiety. Phobias are particularly intense, usually irrational fears charaterised by avoidance of the feared object or situation. Phobias often begin in childhood and become a learned response that can, if not treated, last a lifetime. You may experience symptoms such as tightening in the muscles in your chest. This will result in difficulty in breathing and a rapid heart rate, raised blood pressure, sweating and trembling. Fears can occur at any time particularly after a period of stress. The good news is that both fears and phobias can usually be treated with hypnosis and NLP.
You will receive a recording to continue to re enforce your mind re programming at home.

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